Curriculum vitae




Born in Konnersreuth on 08.04.1898; she is the oldest of 11 children of the spouses Ferdinand and Anna Neumann


1904 - 1914

She attended elementary school, and Sunday school from 1911 on



She started an employment with a farmer in Konnersreuth, during the First World War in the role of the foreman while the owner of the farm was absent



10th March    Fire in the barn of the employer, physical collapse after several hours of fire-fighting operations;

April:             She fell down the cellar steps;

1st August:    She fell off a ladder;

22nd October She fell down from the ricks;

From October on Bedridden with increasing weakness, spasms and paralyses, henceforth a nursing case



From mid of March additionally complete blindness and temporarily deafness



From December on difficulties in swallowing, consequently only ingestion of liquid food with the help of a straw


29. April 1923

Sudden, unexpected recovery from blindness after 4 years and 1 month on the day of the beatification of Therese von Lisieux


17. Mai 1925

Sudden, unexpected recovery from spasms, paralyses and physical weakness after 6½ years on the day of the beatification of Therese von Lisieux



In the night of the 04. 05.03. intensive witness of the tale of woe of Christ in a vision, with the first appearance of stigmas in the cardiac region, later also wounds on the hands and feet; she did not eat any more: from October on only ingestion of little amounts of liquid food, from December on only reception of the daily Holy  Communion



Medical check and confirmation of no eating; beginning of the stream of visitors of curious onlookers, sceptics, and above all of the people looking for advice and help from all over the world


1933 - 1945

Resistance against the national socialism by help, encouragement and prayer



Initiative to found the school of late ordained in Fockenfeld



Initiative for the establishment of a monastery of adoration of the Sisters of Mary of the Mount Carmel, called Theresianum


18. September 1962

Therese Neumann died of a heart failure